Why Dating Sites Aren't Just For Ugly People Anymore

In the late 90’s, dating sites were known to harbor the most asocial, unattractive individuals on the planet. It is no wonder that those who meet their partners on the Internet are often more than a little reluctant to talk about where they first met. But the truth is, according to TIME Magazine in 2010, that 30% of new couples meet on the Internet.

Meeting New People On Dating Sites

With the heavy demands of a career for both partners, few people have time to scope out bars and clubs. Besides, many people find the idea of bumping and grinding with strangers in dark, loud clubs less than savory.

Meeting new people by chance is becoming increasingly less common as we are in too much of a rush to stop to chat with the cute girl at the coffee shop. Romance movies have given us the idea that we will meet someone in random, unlikely situations.

Dating Sites Offer Compatibility

But the difference between us, Generation Y, and our parents and grandparents, is the fact that we are not content with settling with whoever we meet when we are “of marrying age.” We long for a deeper, more compatible relationship.

It is time to give dating sites a chance. The tools available on sites like OkCupid.com and eHarmony.com give users the ability to reach out to other with similar values to their own.

One of the most awkward situations in the dating process is figuring out when you should tell the person you are talking to that you have children. It could be some other trait about you that might be seen as a turnoff, such as smoking. Dating sites allow you to skip the process by pairing you up with those who are accepting of these traits.

Dating, Mating, And Marriage

Dating sites are more than for people who are looking for someone to settle down with. In fact, many dating sites, such as OkCupid, offer options for users to find others who are only interested in hooking up.

According to Cosmo magazine, there is no correlation between the success of a relationship and the timing of the first intimate encounter. You are just as likely to have a successful relationship with someone you have sex with on the first date as you are with someone you wait with until marriage.

Of course, if you are looking for someone to settle down with, using a few different dating sites will allow you to experience the truly amazing match-making technology at work.

Questionnaires are a big part of many dating sites such as eHarmony.com and OkCupid.com. They help you find someone who is in your age range and has the exact features you are looking for. If you do not want to date a smoker, answering questionnaires will allow you to find someone who shares the same views.

Have you ever heard someone say "It's as though I have known him my whole life?" It's almost silly, it sounds ridiculous to someone who has never experienced it before. But when you experience that feeling, you will know exactly what it means.

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