How Women & Men Differ in Their Pursuit of Sex And Love

sex and loveSex is one of the most basic, intimate feelings and actions that a person will ever partake in. Ideally, sex should be between two people who love each other. But, singles really do, in the meantime, have all sorts of reasons for having sex. Sex and love are very different for men and women, but in the end, they can join beautifully in a wonderful experience.

As a girl becomes a woman, she will often struggle with the pursuit of male attention. She may or may not really want to have sex, but there is a certain value in being noticed by the male sex. She might feel pressured to act differently to attract a man. She will certainly wonder what is wrong with her if she is not able to attract men.

There is also the conflict of modesty. There is a certain shame towards woman who are too sexually active. It is seen as an achievement to attract men, however, it is a flaw to sleep with them. But in the midst of these societal pressures, she wants to be loved. Many times, she will not know how she will want to be loved, but she will long for a connection.

As for men, the need for sex is much more immediate. Sex is an achievement for men. However, it is not an achievement to pick up a woman who is easy to get in bed. While men love sex, they need a challenge. In some stages of life, they might not take sex too seriously, and may or may not desire an intimate relationship.

What many women do not understand is the fact that men have a desire to be in a loving relationship much more than they lead on. But the reason men seem to break hearts and not follow through with their promises is because they really want something deeper in their pursuit of sex and love. Even if they are with a woman who is pretty enough and smart enough to meet their requirements, if there is not a deep, soul-to-soul connection, they might not be able to be as faithful as they have the potential to be, no matter how hard they try.

When a woman has sex with a man she really loves, she can feel pleasure, and she can feel beautiful, and loved. But she will also have a feeling of nurturing. Sex is an extension of her maternal instincts, in a way. She wants to be held, and to hold someone close to her. If she is able to have all of the above in sex and love, and experience physical pleasure, she will be extraordinarily satisfied.

As for men, it is hard for them to be less than physically satisfied. But when it comes to a deeper connection, his feelings of protection and masculinity will bring out the best in him. If he is with someone he truly, truly loves, he will be satisfied on a much deeper level.

4 Advanced Sex Positions That Will Blow Your Mind

around the world and other sex positionsTaking on new advanced sex positions will allow you to alter the depth and angle of penetration, creating new heights of pleasure. The most advanced positions require you to be flexible and somewhat open-minded, so proceed with caution if you feel safest when sticking to missionary.

  1. The "Around The World" This is when the woman is on top and rotates on her partner's penis. This is a lot easier said than done, and most women fall off just as they are just about to complete the circle. The key to getting this one right is to have the woman open her legs as wide as possible and rotate slowly. The man also must be fully erect and can help guide her with his hands. The sensation is very strange and erotic because of the new, different angles of penetration.
  2. The "Upside Down 69" is exactly what it sounds like. The woman wraps her legs around the man's neck and shoulders, and he holds her tightly as she supports herself with her hands on the bed. There are a few variations to this technique, but using the bed for support is the best way to add a feeling of extra security. It is actually easier for the woman to get more of the penis into her mouth at this angle because it does not touch the back of the tongue. It will take some practice to get to the point of orgasm this way, and the position is not for the faint of heart. However, if the woman is successfully able to reach her peak, the feeling will be intensified by the head rush. For most of us, this is more of a fantasy than reality.
  3. The Gymnast. Both partners are standing facing each other, while the woman rests one leg on the man's shoulder. Nearly impossible for the average woman, but easier with a tall chick and a short guy. Thsi will result in deep penetration and increased blood flow.
  4. The Tight Topper. The woman lies on her stomach, with a few pillows under her pelvis. Her legs are together, and the man lie son his stomach on top of her. This is such a great position because with the woman's legs so tight together, there is a lot of friction and the penetration is not too deep. This is perfectly angled towards the g-spot. It will take more than one fluffy pillow to lift the hips enough to be able to achieve penetration, but this is a fast way to make a woman climax for so many reasons. The woman's clitoris is stimulated by the friction and her best spots are reached.
It is best to avoid deep penetration too soon during intercourse, as this can hurt some woman. Pain can be a huge turn-off, though some woman do not mind a small amount of it. Positions that require extra effort allow the man to pay more attention to the woman's pleasure and really get her off.

3 Best Sex Locations Around The World

best sex

Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel, Sweden

Nothing beats having great sex – that is, nothing beats great sex other than the great sex in a crazy spot. If you're flexible enough to do the deed in the most cramped places, daring enough to take it to the next level, rack in your Frequent Flyer miles and check out these best sex locations around the world.

1. Join the Mile High club… without setting foot off the ground. Having sex on an airplane is inconvenient to other passengers, and illegal. On some airlines, you might be able to get a private bed and take advantage of the turbulence. However, it is still illegal.

A legal alternative would be to take a trip to Stolkholm, Sweden and check in at their Jumbo Hostel: World's First Aircraft Inn. This jumbo-jet-turned-hotel costs about $60-150 per night depending on your choice of room. You might not think it would be worth a visit to Sweden; it's not Disneyland, but it is said to be beautiful.

2. Warm up in the cold at the Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel. The reason this ice hotel is on our list is obvious; there is nothing like snuggling up to your partner on cold nights. The best sex is the fastest and most enjoyable way to share body heat. Many couples have their dream weddings at this hotel, and, of course, their wedding nights.

One night is about $630, so you might not be able to stretch your budget, but if you can stay for a night or two, you will never again experience anything quite like it.

A more affordable alternative would be to book any hotel in Canada or Alaska during the winter. The Hotel de Glace in Quebec is a little cheaper and closer to home.

3. Sex On The Beach. It's not easy to find a good, secluded beach to have the best sex without getting arrested. There are hundreds of locations around the world that are both beautiful and make for perfect opportunities. Among the best of the best are Wildcat Beach in California, Kaihalulu, Hawaii, and Bowman's Beach, Florida.

Plenty of blankets and proper timing will help you avoid getting caught at sex locations on the beach. You are less likely to get caught during the night, and you will also not get sunburned. Long beach dresses make great coverups and work well for combatting a nighttime chill.

Use discretion when having sex in unusual places, and always think of a backup plan. Leave no evidence behind and take any condoms or lubes with you. Hundreds of people get together in crazy sex locations every single day, and if you are careful you can enjoy this wild activity too. Exotic hotels may offer special deals and discounts during off-peak seasons and can be affordable if you stay just a few nights. If you are respectful of the people around you and cover up your tracks, you are in for the best sex.