Convincing Him You Need Couple Counseling

Speaking to a counselor with your significant other will shed light on how you can make your relationship last. The problem is, if your partner does not want to go into couple counseling with you, you will not be able to go through with getting help. It might be difficult to get your boyfriend to agree to go with you. It is very common for the man in the relationship to be less than enthusiastic about getting help.

Pride is often a factor in getting a man to go to couple counseling with you. He might not be used to asking for help. He might be worried that therapy sessions will be full of arguing and crying, and might prefer to take on problems without drama.

It is not unusual for a man to have qualms about someone else telling him how to live his life. If he has never been to a therapist before, he might predict that he will feel scolded and insulted by the doctor. But most therapists will allow both partners to tell their side of a conflict and help solve the problem with compromise. Going to a therapist does mean giving up some pride. But both partners will be able to be more open and honest than they would in their home setting.

Emphasize how proud you would be of him if he were to go to couple counseling with you. Talk about how much you need him. You may be able to touch upon his instincts to provide and be there for you. Give him a chance to understand how important it is to you that you give your relationship the best chance of a future.

The cost of couple counseling might be another factor is turning your man off. An average counseling session is $100 without insurance. He might be right, you might not be able to afford to go to a therapist together. But if you are able to get a price range from a few local therapists around you, you will be able to put the expense into prospective.

If you have insurance, there is a chance that you can receive coverage for couple therapy sessions. At the very least, you might be covered for the initial session. You will learn how much therapy you need and how long you can expect to see the therapist.

Couple retreats and group therapy are cheaper ways for couples to learn to repair their relationship. Churches and other organizations might offer these opportunity for free or at a low cost. Going to a low-cost alternative is a viable compromise for a couple that just cannot agree.

At the very least, you deserve a trial therapy session that will allow you to decide as a couple if you would like to see the therapist again. If you ask your boyfriend to commit to just one trial session of couple counseling, he will likely be happy to try to meet your needs. Do not ask too much of him at first- he might realize after one session that there is nothing to lose.

Couples Counseling For Cheaters

Cheating is a very serious betrayal and very frequently terminates relationships. If you truly love your partner, and you are willing to make the relationship work, you have to be willing to take on the challenge of forgiving and forgetting.

Exposing the truth is the first step to forgiveness. At first, it will most likely cause conflict when the entire, unadulterated truth comes out. But, do not hold back. When the whole truth is revealed, you will be able to start with a clean slate.

It is important to take into account why one or both partners have cheated. It could take weeks for someone who has cheated to look inside themselves to discover the real reason behind the action. Cheating is personal. Feelings of insecurity or loneliness can be the cause of extramarital affairs.

People who are in positions of power are very likely to cheat. The habit could also be due to a sense of entitlement, particularly if your partner who has friends with bad habits. A change in environment and a loss of a few friends might be the best way to prevent a recurrence.

A lack of sexual intimacy in a relationship is definitely a factor in cheating. It might just be a matter of emotional intimacy. Either way, the relationship can only change if the situation changes. It will often take more work to rebuild intimacy than it does to get past cheating. When one partner experiences a low sex drive, increased exercise, a better diet, and more sleep can make a world of a difference.

Counseling for each partner alone will help expose underlying issues. Couples counseling will allow the partners to work together to resolve the outcome of these issues. In couples counseling you can learn how to forgive. You can learn how to rediscover why you are together, despite the situation. You may  have both certainly once thought that your relationship was immune to cheating, and finding out that this is simply not true will be a hardship.

True forgiveness means not bringing up the incident again during a fight or holding it over your partner's head. It is natural to feel insecure after an affair. Feelings of resentment may be long-lasting. It is not productive to ignore them in hopes of maintaining peace. Voice your anger as you need to, but do not use the betrayal as a debt. Do not take revenge.

A sincere, whole-hearted apology is the best way to bring closure. The person who has cheated needs to make the effort to ensure that their partner can truly trust them. But both sides need to make the effort to make repairs. Both partners have to be completely willing to do everything it takes to save the relationship. Signing up for couples counseling is a big step in securing commitment, but only a lifestyle renovation will establish a brighter future.

The Top 5 Relationships You Don't Want To Be In


"If the fights are getting worse and more frequent, there is little chance of it getting better."


Being in a relationship is great. You always have someone to talk to, and you have someone to take care of. But certain kinds of relationships are just not worth your time.

  1. The Light-switch. If you are constantly breaking up with someone and getting back together, you might be wasting your time. Unless you can learn to work things out and become a permanent, lasting couple, you're setting yourself for dependency that will be hard to break once you realize it's not ever going to work out. Break up for good. In the back of your mind, you will still think that you will be together again someday, and maybe you could be – but you should wait a while until you are both ready to make a real, lasting commitment to each other.
  2. The Barely Responsive. If he or she is just not present in your life, and you don't hear from them for days at a time, you're not going to get far in your relationship. This is okay in the beginning, but you will only drift apart more if you are not a part of each other's daily lives. Calling at least once a day will keep your romance alive. When it has gotten to the point where you are not interested in each other enough to notice not talking to each other for days, it might be time to reevaluate how you truly feel.
  3. The Guilt Trip. If you are only in a relationship because of pity, you're setting yourself up for disaster. In the worst cases, your partner might threaten to commit suicide if you do not stay with them. This is no way to live. if you feel trapped in your relationship, realize that sooner or later you are going to have to break it off completely. Otherwise, you are just leading the other person on. It's unfair to you, and it's unfair to them. When the other person is not mature enough to earn love, and has to force it on you, they should not be in any relationship at all.
  4. The Fight-And-Make-Up Routine It's normal and healthy for couples to fight once in a while. But you should be learning to improve communication and deal with your problems as a team. If the fights are getting worse and more frequent, there is little chance of it getting better. Marriage will not make you fight less, so don't even think about marrying someone you constantly fight with- the stress of marriage wil make it much, much worse.
  5. The Liar. Most relationships can survive a few misunderstandings and discrepancies, but if you do not feel your relationship is as transparent as it needs to be, you need to get out. You deserve to know the truth and be just as involved in the decisions of your relationship as your partner is.

When you are in one of these relationships, the thought of breaking up may seem impossible. But if you really value yourself, your time, and your partner, you have to realize when you have gotten to the point where you would be better off alone.