Most people decide to sign up with especially after hearing that a co worker, friend or relative met and married their husband/wife on this website.

Getting back into the dating games is not quite as simple as it may seem, especially if you hadn’t dated for long a while. Some people spend a good couple of years starting their own business or getting over a nasty relationship break up or divorce and stay away from the dating scene. If you are a woman of…ahem…a certain age, you will agree that the dating pool seems to get even smaller by the second no matter how hot you look. Features: Thankfully, allows you to sort of “test the waters” before you pay your hard earned money for their membership – that really sounds great doesn’t it?! There is a feature that allows you to search/browse for prospects as much as you want to. You can even narrow down your search by using the extensive list of physical criteria or lifestyle choices.

Useful Tip:

You have a much better chance of getting responses if you wear an attractive outfit and looking a responsible – you also should not wear anything tacky or too revealing (it really would not speak well of you).

The’s profile process is very easy to use and it is also very flexible. The profile is grouped into 7 parts. The first part has to do with checking the basics such as relationship status and the search limits, your appearance, your lifestyle choices, your background/values and you are also required to write a brief comment about yourself such as your favorite hangout spots, and you will then round up with an essay about yourself and your ideal match (Please try not to go on and on!).

The second part of the profile process is another “check-the-box questionnaire”, but the main focus of this part of the process will be on finding your potential partner. The last step in this process will be uploading your profile photo and in 24 hours you will be online. You can decide to display or hide your profile with a single click under “Visibility Options”. Another thing you would really appreciate about, is that it will help generate a list of keywords from your essay, known as “matchwords”, which are searchable – you will need to review your keywords and ensure that you delete any one that will not describe you in the best possible way, or you can simple add more keywords that describe you perfectly. also has an international section which offers you the opportunity to broaden your horizon and meet singles from other continents. Some people simply prefer to meet people who live in the same country as them, but if you are quite adventurous, you can take advantage of’s international network. In order to use the international services, you will need to create a separate account on’s international network.

MatchMobile is another way that this site provides for searching. With this feature, users can search for matches while they are on the go. All they will be required to do is to enter their cell phone number, carrier and phone model and bada-bing! They will get to receive alerts from via text message notifying them of winks or e-calls they have gotten from an admirer – some people actually think that using the “MatchMobile” is sort of a lil bit too desperate.

With, you are offered 3 ways to communicate:

  • The “Wink” is sent to you to express interest,
  • You receive an e-mail through’s double blind email system
  • You can IM a prospect/member online.

This dating site is the ONLY site that offers users the opportunity to read the e-mails they receive on in their personal email account.

With’s many features, it is very easy to track one’s communication. You get to know whose turn it is to make the next move, thanks to the convenient tab located on the side of each photo. Another good indicator used for making the next move is “Color-coding”. And when it is that time to go out on a date, the tab will show “Make a Date”, then you know that it is time to meet each other.

With’s “Photo List”, you get to see the people who have viewed your profile, you also get to block pesky members from viewing your profile or communicating with you. If you are looking for dating tips, articles and advice, you can check out the site’s online magazine known as “Happen”.

Dating the old fashioned way may not get you the Brad Pitt “knock off” you have always dreamed about, but offers you the opportunity to find the person who shares similar interests with you and has all other qualities you find attractive in the opposite sex.

Think about it, you meet a nice person at the supermarket and you are beginning to really like this person very much and the next thing you know is he or she does not see anything wrong with smoking pot or doing “recreational drugs”!

With, you will not have a problem connecting with people who like the same things you like.  Unlike dating the old fashioned way, you will not have to break up with someone just because you just found out that they do not want to have kids. Dating sites such as, offers you the chance to know a prospective date’s likes and dislikes upfront.


There are lots of people have met and fell in love with their soul mates through and there are also people who have made great friends with people they have met on this site.

Pros: Get to meet loads of people you may never have the chance of meeting on a day to day basis. comes highly recommend to people who are positive about meeting the right person through the internet. The truth is that, whether you are planning to meet your future partner online or the old fashioned way, you just need to be positive about it.

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