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Are you searching for Mr or Miss Right? Well, so are thousands of people across the planet! Gone are the days when searching for a date on the internet was considered a “desperate” action.

Well, some of us decide to do something about our single status! If you are looking for a ticket on the train out of “SingleAndDie Alone Ville” then you should consider signing up with

Mr or Miss Right will not just show up at your doorstep and sweep you off your feet! Even Cinderella didn’t have it that easy! is the online matchmaking website that provides you with the opportunity to meet that special person.

What Makes Different

The website is based on sheer science and of course, compatibility. You do not want to be stuck with a partner who is not compatible with you – that’s just a one way ticket to “splitsville!”

This online matchmaking site will offer you an innovated and modern service. The basic principle of is that a successful relationship or marriage is based on two very strong factors and that is, compatibility and chemistry.

Unlike a lot of other online matchmaking sites, employs an absolutely unique matchmaking system. This site was developed by top psychologists who have discovered new areas of passion, love, physical and emotional attraction. The psychologist researches include a new way of effectively building relationships considering the two aforementioned factors.

At, there is a unique “First Meet Technology” that was created for a successful and productive communication. In no time, you will start to experience the benefits of signing up with this site.

You will definitely find the registration procedure very unique and of course, interesting. During the registration process, you will need to answer some standard questions about your sex/gender, marital status and your date of birth. Then, you will need to answer a number of questions created for testing your type of personality. There are various images to choose from such as puzzles to complete. The’s system is designed to analyse the character of each member in minute detail.

The great thing about searching for a partner online instead of doing it the old fashioned way is that you no longer have to break-out in hives each time you have to meet up with a blind date a family member or friend set you up with or keep hoping and praying that they have the smarts to match their good looks. With this‘s system, you will be able to find your perfect match.

The features of are:

  • An exceptional matchmaking system – The First Meet Technology
  • 14 days of FREE trial
  • Remarkable graphics for replicating questions
  • Photo Gallery
  • On-site articles and advice features
  • Sending questions to other members
  • Mailbox – secure on-site email
  • Enhanced privacy
  • Expressing interest
  • A variety of relationship types:

Dr Helen Fisher is an acclaimed anthropologist and a true expert in human attraction. The Chemistry matchmaking website was developed using Dr Fisher’s profile; the profile is used in order to prepare matches. This site also develops matches that are based on major and minor personality, basically whether the person is any of the following:

  • Explorer
  • Director
  • Negotiator
  • Builder

Simply put, if you are an explorer, you will be matched with someone who also loves to explore as well! based its matchmaking system on years of chemistry inspired matchmaking system research. Dr. Fisher strongly believes that there is certainly more than one person for every individual and that the chemistry system will help boost potential matches.

Thanks to’s unique features, you will be able to find out your real character and how you relate with other people – yikes! The questions that you will be required to fill include your interests, personality, hormones, physical characteristics and genetics that will assist in the matchmaking process. This system will automatically match you with a compatible person based on the profile system. Potential matches will have access to your information; you can even choose to find out more about your potential matches. The membership system is totally easy to, but (yes, there is a “but”) it is gonna cost you! You will need to pay in order to see matches pictures and their complete profile.

As a member of, you get to communicate with other members via email, communication process is a gradual one, and will allow you to get really comfy with your potential match in a secure setting. With this online dating site’s system, you and your potential match can communicate in a secure setting so that you can choose to be yourselves and choose whether or not, you should continue communicating with a potential match. This well guided communication process involves 4 separate stages:

  • Relationship essentials
  • email
  • Short answers
  • In-person meeting (possibly) provides a really proper system by offering you matches – it does not offer a search function. In order to get an additional match or matches, you will need to rate the individuals with whom you had been matched with earlier – doing this will also help in order to improve the website’s matching system. is quite secure, it has an internal emailing system which will help improve the security of your personal address and other vital information – you wouldn’t want those to get into the wrong hands. Please be informed that doesn’t screen matches or run background checks – you are urged to protect your own information. Members profile will remain private; your photos will not be shared with anyone who wishes to have a peek. This website offers enhanced security features to subscribers only. is a matchmaking website that offers a variety of plans for subscribers in order to increase their chances of finding a long-term relationship. The terms include:

  • One month membership options
  • Three month membership options
  • Six month membership options
  • Twelve month membership options

You can take advantage of’s seven (7) day trial period in order to find your perfect match. Thanks to this website’s profiling system and improved security offers members have an easy way to get potential matches.

Pros: You get to meet people you are 70% sure of getting along with just fine. is highly recommended for people who want to meet people who are of like-mind, this way, you will not have to worry about fighting over the remote control, which restaurant to eat at, what music to listen to and so on.

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